Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds:
Thoughts on the Nature of God and Faith (B&H Books)

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What readers are saying:
“Coulter, a magazine journalist, takes the familiar biblical story of faith the size of a mustard seed to illustrate how God can use even the most horrendous “lifequakes” as faith-builders. Coulter opens her compilation of life essays with a personal story from her childhood, when the concept of mustard seed faith was first planted after a teacher offered the class mustard seed charms as an attendance reward. Though Coulter eventually lost the charm, she never forgot its message. Years later, after the death of her parents, her husband’s job loss, financial setbacks, and her own shattered shoulder, the author’s faith was in pieces. She wrestled long and hard to regain closeness with God. In each of these tender topical chapters, Coulter uses everyday happenings from nature, parenting, work, illnesses, and church to reaffirm a single lesson: God is intimately involved in every aspect of life and he cares with a watchful affection. Readers will find strength from Coulter’s story and solace in God’s promises regarding faith and grace.” – Publishers Weekly, Starred review.

“…This devotional is filled with words of hope and encouragement for those who are weary…Whether it’s a crisis of faith or sheer exhaustion, this small treasure of a book reminds us that just a tiny grain of faith can make all the difference. Share it with a friend.” – CBA Retailers and Resources