Little Mercies

Little Mercies: Celebrating God’s Everyday Grace and Goodness (B&H Books, March 2011)

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What readers are saying:
“…Lynn calls herself ‘a pushover for heroic tales and long-ago stories,’ which explains her own storytelling gifts, leading you from real-life stories to biblical analogies in a subtle, seamless way.” – Liz Curtis Higgs, New York Times best-selling author and speaker

“Lynn Coulter’s voice is a fresh perspective on two important ancient truths of the Bible — grace and mercy are the sustaining substances of a Christian life.” Ronda Rich, Author, speaker, and syndicated columnist

“ will be rewarded with the authentic hope of a newer, richer rhythm of “little mercies” in your days.”—Fil Anderson, Author, speaker, and Executive Director of Journey Resources.

“Little Mercies is a spiritually uplifting book that teaches through a number of engaging stories of everyday people and everyday occurrences that God’s grace is ever ready, ever present.” – Debbie Macomber, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author