My hydrangeas have really exploded with colorful blooms this year. It’s no thanks to me, really. I suspect the recent rains helped. Take a look!






March Forth – A Spring Gardening Guide


Read about your spring garden in the March issue of Georgia EMC Magazine.

Hey, check out my new article for Georgia EMC Magazine!  It’s a guide to help you start your spring garden, and you’ll also find links to great places to buy seeds, plants, and supplies.  I’ve also listed some books to read for more info, and you’ll learn how to sign up to become a Georgia Master Gardener. (If you’re in another state, just Google for “master gardener certification.” Similar programs are available around the country.)

Next up: I’ll be giving a PowerPoint presentation about gardening with heirlooms at our newest library, the Dog River branch in Douglas County. That’s coming up on Saturday, March 10. I’ll be there from 11 am to 1 pm to sign books. Hope to see you there!