Paw Prints in the Sand

Paw prints on the beach! Yes, writer-gurrl and I are visiting Gulf Shores-Orange Beach for a couple of days, while Mr. Writer-gurrl keeps things going at home. The weather is purr-fect (to borrow an old cat joke). We’re here to soak up some rays and gather info for a magazine story W-G is working on.

I’m chasing waves and digging for crabs (although they have a most annoying habit of trying to bite your nose–if you go after them nose-first, which is what dogs do, right?).

But while we’re here, we haven’t forgotten those who have been affected by the terrible storms throughout the Southeast, and as soon as we’re home, we’ll be checking to see how we can help. We’ve heard our church is already organizing a team of volunteers to travel to northwest Georgia. If you can donate funds, supplies, or even your time to help with the clean-up, please contact the Red Cross at or the Salvation Army at Prayers going out!

wags and love ~ Miss Paws