Spring Preview!

It’s spring!

No, no, wait a minute. It’s not spring.  It’s four days after Christmas, and while parts of the country may be chilling in the wintery weather, here in the South we’re enjoying a mild, sunny day. My pansies have perked up, I can hear birds singing in the woods behind my house, and Miss Paws and I just came in from a nice walk. Sure has stirred up my spring fever.

Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful day, wherever you are.


Merry Christmas!


Miss Paws and I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year!


Fall Is Here – And Miss Paws Is Back!

Here I am, in my new autumn scarf. Admit it. I'm kinda cute.

Peeps, I’ve missed you! Writer-grrrl has neglected to post my updates lately because she’s been so busy, and I can’t do them myself. It’s kinda hard to type with these toenails. But hey—we’re back! Writer-grrrl has curtailed a few of her activities because she wants to blog and finish her middle-grade novel (yep, the one she’s been working on for two years. Just imagine how long that is in dog years!)

So here I am, dressed in my new fall scarf. In case you can’t tell, it’s plum-purple and has cute little pumpkins outlined in black on it. Makes me feel so good, I could run around the neighborhood and bite all the pumpkins on the porches! But that is frowned upon around here. Party-poopers.

Nevertheless, I am here and ready to party! I’ll keep you posted on all our comings and goings. Check back with us often!


Miss Paws


Happy July 4th!

Happy Independence Day! Hope you have a safe and happy holiday, and remember your four-footed friends when you’re shooting off fireworks. Give us a nice, safe, quiet place to stay while the sparklers sparkle and the rockets roar. A big bowl of fresh, cold water would be great, too, in case we get a little excited and overheated when the celebration cranks up. Wags to you and yours! Happy 4th!

Miss Paws

The Bark – Introducing Bailey and author Leslie Muir

Bailey, who munches flies and loves cookies, and still finds time to help his owner, author Leslie Muir, write her picture books.

Human friends, I’m so excited. Today, writer-gurrl posted an interview with author Leslie Muir, whose new picture book, BARRY B. WARY, is now available from Hyperion Books (and Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores). Click the “blog” tab at the top of this page, and then scroll down (you’ll see Bailey’s picture again; that’s just the odd way “The Bark” works, since it’s a kind of blog-within-a-blog). Then you can read Leslie’s comments about the writing process and about Barry, who is a hungry little spider. Hmmmm… I’ve eaten a couple of spiders, come to think of it. Hope none of them were related.

I know you’ll enjoy Leslie’s story and her insights on publishing. As for me, Miss Paws…well, I’m enjoying looking at handsome Bailey, who helped Leslie write the book. Sigh….think he’s got a gurrl-friend?

Miss Paws


The Bark – Happy Mother’s Day to All Our Moms

miss paws meets some baby kittens

Miss Paws wishes every mom a Happy Mother’s Day–even those of a different species!

Paw Prints in the Sand

Paw prints on the beach! Yes, writer-gurrl and I are visiting Gulf Shores-Orange Beach for a couple of days, while Mr. Writer-gurrl keeps things going at home. The weather is purr-fect (to borrow an old cat joke). We’re here to soak up some rays and gather info for a magazine story W-G is working on.

I’m chasing waves and digging for crabs (although they have a most annoying habit of trying to bite your nose–if you go after them nose-first, which is what dogs do, right?).

But while we’re here, we haven’t forgotten those who have been affected by the terrible storms throughout the Southeast, and as soon as we’re home, we’ll be checking to see how we can help. We’ve heard our church is already organizing a team of volunteers to travel to northwest Georgia. If you can donate funds, supplies, or even your time to help with the clean-up, please contact the Red Cross at redcross.org or the Salvation Army at salvationarmyusa.org. Prayers going out!

wags and love ~ Miss Paws

The Bark: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Miss Paws loves her readers! 

Today I promise not to bite anything but candy hearts.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


The Bark: Home Sweet Home

Muh new house!

Look, human-types! My new house is finally finished. Writer-gurrl and her hubs added the last shingles to the roof today, and now it’s all ready to move in. It even has carpet inside.

I’m not going to actually LIVE in there, of course. I live in the house, with writer-gurrl, and sleep on a big, soft pluffy dog bed next to her side of the bed. This is just my vacay home, kind of like an apartment to stay in if I happen to be caught outside in the rain or cold when writer-gurrl is out on some errand.

I’m really digging this new house. I like it so much, I may not even eat the carpet.

The Nose Knows

Miss Paws Nose...Knows

The Nose Knows

Come closer.

That’s it. Don’t be afraid. Get a teeny bit closer to your computer screen, so I can see you better. Or sniff you, I should say.

You see, doggies use their noses more than you human-types do. We can smell bones buried in the back yard, cookie crumbs dropped under the kitchen table, and the socks somebody lost behind the hamper in the laundry room. Ah, the power of the nose.

Today, I’m using my nose to check out all the snow that’s fallen in the lady-writer’s yard. We must have four or five inches here in the metro Atlanta area, enough to shut down some of the major highways and keep the grown-up humans indoors while the small humans run screaming out the door with boots and heavy gloves and trash can lids to use for sledding.

You people are so funny.

That’s why we doggies love you.

Have a safe and fun snow day. I’ll be on patrol in the neighborhood, digging a few holes through the ice and inhaling a nice, deep sniff every now and then. I’ll let you know when I smell the thaw coming.


Miss Paws