Happy Halloween

Audrey in paper macheBack by popular demand!

Okay, not really. But Halloween is coming, so I thought I’d bring my paper mache re-creation of Audrey, from Little Shop of Horrors, out for another viewing.

I had fun making her, although she had a tendency to keel over because of her extremely heavy head. A lesson for all of us, perhaps? Avoid having a big head??

The Bark: Happy HOWL-o-Ween!

Human friends, I just wanted to wish you a happy HOWL-o-ween tonight! No, I’m not in my costume yet. I can’t decide what to be. Maybe I’ll be a cat, like I was last year. Take a look.

What’s that you say? You don’t think that’s me, dressed up as a cat?? Of course it is! I just had a very good costume. That’s why you probably won’t recognize me if I come to your house tonight. I might show up as a ballerina, a cowboy, an alien, or the scariest thing of all–a politician.  Boo!

Just a note: my favorite dog treats are the bacon strips, in case you can throw a few of those into my Halloween bucket. If not, writer-grrrl will eat the candy corn and, of course, anything chocolate.

Watch out for the Trick-or-Treaters tonight, and for all my four-legged friends who may be crossing the road while the traffic is out.  If you see any black cats, be kind to them. Those old superstitions are not true. They’re just as loving as the rest of us.

Happy Halloween, peeps!

wishing you lots of candy, and sending wags, Miss Paws

Fall Is Here – And Miss Paws Is Back!

Here I am, in my new autumn scarf. Admit it. I'm kinda cute.

Peeps, I’ve missed you! Writer-grrrl has neglected to post my updates lately because she’s been so busy, and I can’t do them myself. It’s kinda hard to type with these toenails. But hey—we’re back! Writer-grrrl has curtailed a few of her activities because she wants to blog and finish her middle-grade novel (yep, the one she’s been working on for two years. Just imagine how long that is in dog years!)

So here I am, dressed in my new fall scarf. In case you can’t tell, it’s plum-purple and has cute little pumpkins outlined in black on it. Makes me feel so good, I could run around the neighborhood and bite all the pumpkins on the porches! But that is frowned upon around here. Party-poopers.

Nevertheless, I am here and ready to party! I’ll keep you posted on all our comings and goings. Check back with us often!


Miss Paws