The Nose Knows

Miss Paws Nose...Knows

The Nose Knows

Come closer.

That’s it. Don’t be afraid. Get a teeny bit closer to your computer screen, so I can see you better. Or sniff you, I should say.

You see, doggies use their noses more than you human-types do. We can smell bones buried in the back yard, cookie crumbs dropped under the kitchen table, and the socks somebody lost behind the hamper in the laundry room. Ah, the power of the nose.

Today, I’m using my nose to check out all the snow that’s fallen in the lady-writer’s yard. We must have four or five inches here in the metro Atlanta area, enough to shut down some of the major highways and keep the grown-up humans indoors while the small humans run screaming out the door with boots and heavy gloves and trash can lids to use for sledding.

You people are so funny.

That’s why we doggies love you.

Have a safe and fun snow day. I’ll be on patrol in the neighborhood, digging a few holes through the ice and inhaling a nice, deep sniff every now and then. I’ll let you know when I smell the thaw coming.


Miss Paws


  1. Cute and funny

  2. Miss Deb, you are so sweet to say so! A big sloppy dog-kiss to you,
    Miss Paws

  3. Cute!!! You are a quite talented.