P. Allen Smith and Garden2Blog


I can’t wait! Spring is on its way and I’ve been invited to Garden2Blog 2013, hosted by award-winning garden designer and TV host P. Allen Smith.

I’m one of a couple of dozen lucky bloggers who’ll travel to Little Rock, Arkansas and visit the Moss Mountain Farm Garden. We’ll meet each other (really cool, since we’re coming from around the country and will have lots to share) and meet reps from the trade and garden industry.

G2B 2013 takes place on May 7 and 8. Start thinking about what you’d want me to find out about while I’m there, so I can tap into all the great gardening know-how!



  1. Lynn, I’m so looking forward to meeting you at Garden2Blog! I have enjoyed your blogsite and I’m looking forward to checking out your book. See you in May 🙂

    • Barbara, I’m looking forward to meeting you too! This will be my first visit to the event, but I hear it’s wonderful. Thanks for writing, and take care–see you soon. 🙂