Late summer flowers

By this time every summer, my hanging baskets look pretty tired. I guess they can’t take the heat, combined with the daily waterings that leach out all the fertilizer. It helps to cut back the petunias and other fast-growing annuals, because they’ll usually respond with another flush of blooms before fall. But they seldom look as perky as they did when they were newly planted in the spring.

Oh, well. At least I’ve got my pictures from my trip to Taos to look at. Aren’t these hanging baskets gorgeous? I like to make photos when I’m traveling, not just as a reminder of a trip, but to use as inspiration when I’m gardening next year. I’d always heard that the light in Taos was spectacular, and it’s true. You can see why so many artists and photographers did such great work there; the sunlight is bright and the skies are usually clear. Hope you can click on these images to enlarge them and see how really beautiful the flowers are!


  1. theysaywordscanbleed says

    gorgeous flowers!

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