Endless Ocean…Endless Love

Gulf Shores tide

The ocean has such a timeless feel, doesn’t it? It’s one of those places that makes me aware of how fleeting our lives are. We’re here a short time, but the tides wash over the sand in a kind of endless dance orchestrated by the moon.

And who hangs the moon that pulls the tides?

Talk about timeless….talk about eternal.

“…there is none like You, O Lord…great is Your love toward me….You have delivered me.” Psalm 86: 8-13, NIV


  1. Part of why I love going to the beach is that the ocean has always been one of the most amazing of GOD’s creations to me. I look out and wonder how it doesn’t just spill out and swallow us (might seem silly). or how can it be so huge and unending. Not to mention the unbelievable number of creatures living in the waters like an entirely different world. A world we truly know so little about.

    This is so true. There really is none like you, O Lord. :)

    • Trish, I love that–yes, it really is another world that we don’t know that much about, but God takes care of all the creatures in it. The ocean just amazes me too!

  2. God provides so much for us to appreciate. The ocean is a special place to visit. I like your opening remarks.