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Walk for a Dog with WoofTrax

molly in sweater

Don’t let this sad look fool you. Molly doesn’t really mind her sweater, and with temperatures in the 20s today, she even likes it.

I put it on her so we can go for our daily walk, and while we circle the neighborhood, we’re using a new, free app to track our steps. It’s called WoofTrax, and it’s available for iPhone and Android. It’s a great way to support your favorite animal shelter or rescue group.

All you do is download the app (did I mention it’s free?) and select one of over 4,000 organizations you want to help. The app’s sponsors donate for every mile you rack up. WoofTrax says the donations also come from advertisers and investors. Of course, the more people who sign up to walk, the more money the charities receive.

So grab a leash! And put a sweater on your pup, if it’s frosty out there. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, and besides–every step helps make life a little better for our furry friends.




First Frost of Autumn


The first official day of autumn has come and gone, but not all the flowers in my garden have gotten the word yet. This is a blue morning glory that recently unfurled in my yard. The vines have stopped blooming in the last few weeks, but freezing temps are on the way, and soon they’ll fold their leaves and die.

Makes you appreciate that phrase about “the last rose of summer.” The last rose–or morning glory–might come late in the season, but it’s no less breathtaking.