A Devotional Booklet for Your Bible Study, Retreat, or Quiet Time

A big, big thanks to Kay Marks and the ladies of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arvada, Colorado, who created a lovely devotional booklet I can share with you! Here’s the cover:



Kay contacted me awhile ago, to ask if it was okay to reprint some of my gardening tips and devotional thoughts from a calendar we created to go with my first book, Gardening with Heirloom Seeds. I was happy to say yes! I love these kinds of booklets, and Kay is kindly allowing me to share the finished product with anyone who would like to use it for personal use (that is, group or individual use is okay, but it must be not-for-profit).

You can’t really appreciate the colors and artwork in the booklet from this picture, because my scanner let the colors bleed through (boo, crummy old scanner). But if you’d like a copy, please leave me a comment or email me lynn(at)lynncoulter.com. Then you can reproduce as many copies as you’d like. I’d recommend using a slightly heavier paper than ordinary office stuff, so the colors don’t show through. (Or use a good scanner/copier, LOL.)

The complete booklet is about 12 pages. We’re happy to share this with you, especially at Thanskgiving!

Lynn and Miss Paws


Late summer flowers

By this time every summer, my hanging baskets look pretty tired. I guess they can’t take the heat, combined with the daily waterings that leach out all the fertilizer. It helps to cut back the petunias and other fast-growing annuals, because they’ll usually respond with another flush of blooms before fall. But they seldom look as perky as they did when they were newly planted in the spring.

Oh, well. At least I’ve got my pictures from my trip to Taos to look at. Aren’t these hanging baskets gorgeous? I like to make photos when I’m traveling, not just as a reminder of a trip, but to use as inspiration when I’m gardening next year. I’d always heard that the light in Taos was spectacular, and it’s true. You can see why so many artists and photographers did such great work there; the sunlight is bright and the skies are usually clear. Hope you can click on these images to enlarge them and see how really beautiful the flowers are!