June flowers

I knew my gardenia bush was blooming before I even saw it, because I could smell the perfume of the flowers from my porch last week.
I love June–that’s when my gardenias put on their best show.

Fortunately, these beautiful white flowers don’t seem to be bothered by pests or diseases, even in our hot, humid weather.

These purple petunias and orange blossoms are in a big pot on my front porch. The heat hasn’t slowed them down at all.  The picture on the right shows how they’re planted alongside scarlet red geraniums–love the “hot” color combination.

And this little turtle has been wandering around in my garden for several days; as you can see, he’s burrowed into some pine straw here. I wondered why he was hanging around, since we’ve been feeding some kittens in the yard–until we caught him eating the dry cat food one day.  Who knew?

“We give thanks to thee, O God; we give thanks; we call on thy name and recount thy wondrous deeds.” Psalm 75:1.