A Cuppa Joe And Renee’s Sweet Peas

How can you not love a cup of coffee that smiles back at you?

I ordered a cuppa while on a press trip to Rosemary Beach, Florida, and look at how they served it! It’s the little things, like a grin on top of the golden-brown foam (called creama, if you’re drinking espresso) in your breakfast brew that starts the day off right.

You can start this year’s garden off right, too, if you know a few tips. I’m going to try sweet peas again this spring, although I seldom have much luck with them, as our weather heats up so fast. (Okay–I’ll admit that I usually sow the seeds too late. This year, I’m resolving to do better, so they’ll have a fighting chance before our temperatures climb here in the Deep South.)

This year, I’m planting ‘Color Palette Cupid’ sweet peas, which are available from Renee’s Garden and seed sellers who carry her brand. These are said to be great for containers, as the little vines only grow 8-10″ long. The pastel flowers have a soft, sweet scent, and bloom in shades of pink, lavender, purple, and rose. I’ll keep you posted on how my sweet peas perform this year. Meanwhile, I’m headed back for another cup of joe. I’m not at the beach anymore, but I can make my own smiley face with a little chocolate syrup (as if I need an excuse for chocolate).

The Bark – What’s In Your Autumn Landscape?

“Summer’s loss seems little, dear,

on days like these” ~ Ernest Dowson


“Our house is a very, very fine house,

With two cats in the yard” ~ songwriters Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young


Delicious autumn! ~ George Elliot

A cup of coffee with a friend

Is happiness tasted,

And time well spent. ~ unknown

(I love a cuppa that smiles back at you.)