The Bark: Dogs Love Trucks – and the Big Hair Ball

dog in blue truck

It’s true what they say, two-footed friends–dogs love trucks!

I was with writer-gurrl at the garden center recently when we spotted this happy guy waiting in the bed of a pickup truck.

There’s something else dogs love. We just love us a Big Hair Ball. (Don’t anybody start gagging. Stay with me now.)

The kind of Hair Ball we’re talking about here is NOT the stuff you pick off your sofa and your best pair of black pants. No, no, no. We’re talking about a party sponsored by Angels Among Us Pet Resuce!

Come on out for the Big Hair Ball! No hair is required to enter this event!

The Big Hair Ball is a fancy dinner and dance with music from your fav 80s bands. (I’m too young to remember, since I’ve just had my first birthday, but I’ve heard about¬† the great musicians from that era, like David Bow-wowie and Furran Furran.)

The Ball is for anybody who loves dogs and other pets (and yes, even icky cats). Here’s the skinny on when, where, and what it’s all about:

Saturday, June 18th 2011
Country Club of the South, 4100 Old Alabama Road,
Johns Creek, GA 30022

There’s a cocktail hour and silent auction from 6:00 to 7:00 PM, followed by dinner and dancing. 80’s attire and/or Black Tie attire are optional.

This is for such a good cause! The money raised at the Big Hair Ball will go to help homeless pets, like I once was. Your donations will buy food and medicines and provide shelter for rescued and orphaned dogs, cats, and other animals. We really need your help–and if you’ll take us home, we’ll give you so much in return. We’ll love you forever, and you’ll know you’ve helped some of God’s creatures.

So what are you waiting for? Click here:¬† Great Big Hair Ball to find out more. Then break out your leg warmers and parachute pants, mini-skirts and shoulder pads, and come on out for a good cause. You’ll make us smile, even if we don’t have a truck to ride around in!


Miss Paws


  1. Thanks for the info! YOU and MISS PAWS are fan-tab-u-lous! :)

  2. I have four Spaniels myself and really enjoyed your post.

  3. Good post, I love animals myself, always have.