The “Bark”: Broken biscuits, broken hearts

Broken biscuits and a broken heart

 Today’s “Bark” from Miss Paws:

Friends, I have alarming news to share.  The writer-lady took me to the bank today to put money in (pay attention to that part–she was putting it in!  You really should get something back, when you put it in.)

She put the money in a little tube, pressed a button, and whoosh–away it went.  Then a talking man showed up next to our car window.  Yes!  He was in a little box.  So the writer-lady thanked him (for taking her money!)  Then she asked him if he had a dog biscuit, and he said….NO.

He did not have a dog biscuit! Not even one!  Not even a broken one, and if he had any lollipops, he didn’t offer them, either.  I was so sad…look at my picture below. Just look into my sad, sad eyes.

So we drove away.  That’s when I decided to post this message.  Be careful out there, people-types.  These places take your money and you get nada.  That is Spanish for “no dog biscuits.”  We should start a  protest.  Dogs should take over the banks and re-name them.  Make the Bank of America, the BARK of America.  Citi-bark.  Bark-covia.  Dogtrust.  You get the idea. Bank people, do the right thing. Stock up on the dog biscuits. 


Don’t make me beg.


Miss Paws

Don't make me beg.