Fall Is Here – And Miss Paws Is Back!

Here I am, in my new autumn scarf. Admit it. I'm kinda cute.

Peeps, I’ve missed you! Writer-grrrl has neglected to post my updates lately because she’s been so busy, and I can’t do them myself. It’s kinda hard to type with these toenails. But hey—we’re back! Writer-grrrl has curtailed a few of her activities because she wants to blog and finish her middle-grade novel (yep, the one she’s been working on for two years. Just imagine how long that is in dog years!)

So here I am, dressed in my new fall scarf. In case you can’t tell, it’s plum-purple and has cute little pumpkins outlined in black on it. Makes me feel so good, I could run around the neighborhood and bite all the pumpkins on the porches! But that is frowned upon around here. Party-poopers.

Nevertheless, I am here and ready to party! I’ll keep you posted on all our comings and goings. Check back with us often!


Miss Paws



  1. Patricia Cruzan says:

    Miss Paws is adorable. My dog is doing what she does best, sleeping at my feet.
    Writer-grrrrl, I know what you mean about finishing something. My book projects are taking longer than expected.

    • Miss Patricia, Miss Paws thinks you are adorable, too 🙂

      Writer-grrrl says, hang in there. We’ll both finish if we just keep going forward. We can’t wait to read your next book!