Glass Gardens

It’s cold and rainy here today, and since there’s nothing in my garden to look at, I dug up some pictures I made a couple of years ago at the Missouri Botanical Garden, in St. Louis. This is a pathway into the garden (I visited when it was raining there, too.)

I happened to visit the garden during a display of Chihuly’s work. Dan Chihuly is a fantastic glass artist, in case you haven’t heard of him. Some of his pieces are surrealistic, but all of them are beautiful and colorful. For example, the picture below looks like giant onions, but these are actually huge glass orbs floating in the reflecting pond at the MBG.

Here’s a Chihuly “flower” that looks like it belongs in a tropical rain forest, but it has an other-worldly feel, too:

These are neon-green mushrooms—or maybe more flowers–“sprouting” from a bed of green foliage:

Maybe I’ll buy a gazing globe or some kind of glass ornament for my garden, too. They’re really bright and colorful, especially in the rain.


  1. MommaYoung says

    Those are some beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.