Autumn butterflies


I’m about to doing some flying of my own, to Indiana, for an interview about my book, Mustard Seeds. It’s for a morning television show called Harvest TV. The program airs on DirecTV on Wednesday, Nov. 12.

October Owls

“Listen, the wind is rising; the air is wild with leaves.
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!”

Look at these orange eyes! We saw this owl at the raptor show at Georgia Southern University, in Statesboro, GA. He’s a permanent resident there, probably because of some injury that doesn’t allow him to live in the wild anymore. What a beautiful and unusual creature–most owls have eyes of yellow-gold, but his are actually as orange as pumpkins (you might not be able to tell from this picture, but trust me on this. I saw him up close.)

Now that it’s October, I’m really feeling the fall spirit. Colors are changing fast around here, like those small pieces of glass in a kaledioscope. I noticed our hydrangea is showing hints of lavendar and purple on its leaves, and the berries on the dogwood trees are bright red–as red as the cardinals that like to wash them in my birdbath and eat them, leaving the seed pits for me to clean out.

Today the wind is whistling around my house like mad, throwing leaves into the air, and it’s cooled off nicely. Listen closely tonight, if you live in the southeast. It’s time for great horned owls to hoot into the woods, searching for mates.