Brave Seeds

We had a fierce storm last night–I mean, fierce. The winds were so strong, they blew rain right through the window screens, into the house and all over the floor, which made me hop up out of bed, when I realized what was happening, and grab a mob.

But before I rescued our floors, I ran out to the porch, where I’d left a couple of trays of seedlings. I knew that our gutters were packed with the last of autumn’s leaves, and soon rain would be pouring onto the railings where the seed trays sat. I saved them in time, although they took a bit of a beating from all that water.

When I got up this morning, I made the picture you see above. Not very impressive, is it? Just a plastic tray with a few tiny green shoots coming up. Or maybe that’s all you see at first glance. Squint a little, please, and use your imagination, and maybe you’ll see more.

To me, these are brave little seedlings. They’re still small and fragile. One hungry bird could take them out in a quick peck, or they could collapse from a fungal disease, since this spring has been cool and wet. But they haven’t.  At least, not yet. They’re still standing, just growing their tiny hearts out.

Maybe it sounds silly, but I love that. Isn’t that what we are called to do, everyday? Sometimes we get pounded by the storms, and they can hit in our darker hours, when we’re feeling weak and defenseless. But you know something? We’re stronger than we guess, because we have have a living Spirit in us, just as these little plants have a life-spirit in them.

My seedlings made it through a bad-weather night, and now I’m looking forward to seeing them grow and bear fruit (tomatoes and peppers, in case you’re wondering). So, too, the Father waits for us to grow and bear fruit, and we can do this, because we know that the storms are not bigger or stronger than His love.

“…I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit–fruit that will last….This is my command: love one another.” John 15:1-6-17, NIV

grace and peace,



  1. My herb seedlings are indoors, and ready to be transplanted, but they are so fragile, I’m waiting for calmer weather later this week. Sweet and timely essay, Lynn.

    • Lucy, you are wise to wait! I put my seedlings out too soon, but I’m glad they’re surviving. I’m looking forward to reading about the recipes you’ll whip up with your fresh herbs.

  2. Cheryl Carter says

    You know, I guess that’s how I’ve felt, Lynn, beaten down by the storms…but thankfully, I know where I get my strength…from God, and I’ve had SO much encouragement from my friends and family. I know that, just like after the storms, the sun IS still going to shine. My battered and bruised heart and soul will continue to turn to God and my encouragers, just like your little seedlings turn toward the sun. I’ve never been one to give up, so I can’t start now. I’d like to think I’m a little stronger than your little seedlings, and still gaining strength as I go. Thanks, Lynn, for your writing that helps us all see the brighter side of things, your loving words of assurance and encouragement, and a lifetime of friendship. God blessed me with you many years ago.

    • Cheryl, we’ve all been there, in one way or another. You’ve had so much, and we’re praying for you. I’m blessed by your friendship, too! Love you.

  3. Cris Force says

    Thanks for being a vessel used of God to bless others with your insights. Like you, I so often see messages from God in nature and our interaction with it. From your lovely words, I am reminded of Paul’s words: through my weakness God shows his strength.