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How to Make a Fairy Chair for Your Garden

Fairy chairs brighten a garden spot

Last summer, I made my first fairy chair, but the annual plants I used didn’t survive the winter temperatures. Not to worry–it’s warm again now, and I’ve just re-planted the chair with English daises, pansies, marigolds, yellow snapdragons, and even a pinch of ivy and pineapple mint.

I’ll have to replace the plants that prefer cool spring temperatures, like the pansies, but that’s no problem. I’ll enjoy them while they last, and add something like salvia or petunias in a couple of weeks.

Want to make your own fairy chair? It’s not hard. If you don’t have an old chair you can sacrifice to the elements, pick one up at a yard sale or flea market (you might even find one abandoned on someone’s curb, for the trash man!). Sand it, prime, and paint with the outdoor paint of your choice. Then cut a hole in the seat to insert either a pre-made wire basket, or staple in a large piece of chicken wire that you’ve formed to have a “pocket” for planting.

Add some spaghnum moss if you’re using the chicken wire. Many pre-made wire baskets already come with fiber liners. Then fill with a good quality potting mix and plant away.

Remember to use sun-loving plants if your chair is going in a sunny garden spot, or stick to shade-lovers if it’s going under the trees. Water often, as these planting baskets tend to dry out fast.

Hope your fairies enjoy it!


March Forth – A Spring Gardening Guide


Read about your spring garden in the March issue of Georgia EMC Magazine.

Hey, check out my new article for Georgia EMC Magazine!  It’s a guide to help you start your spring garden, and you’ll also find links to great places to buy seeds, plants, and supplies.  I’ve also listed some books to read for more info, and you’ll learn how to sign up to become a Georgia Master Gardener. (If you’re in another state, just Google for “master gardener certification.” Similar programs are available around the country.)

Next up: I’ll be giving a PowerPoint presentation about gardening with heirlooms at our newest library, the Dog River branch in Douglas County. That’s coming up on Saturday, March 10. I’ll be there from 11 am to 1 pm to sign books. Hope to see you there!