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Tips for Writers: What to do When Your Camel Does THIS

Let's set the scene. I'm on a press trip in Israel, at a Bedouin camp, waiting my turn to ride a camel, when the so-called "ship of the desert" in front of me does THIS. He kneels unexpectedly, and … [Read More...]

Cruising with the Carnival Horizon

Well...okay. I didn't really sail on the new Carnival Cruise ship, Horizon, so the title of this post isn't quite right. But I was invited to its official naming ceremony in New York, which was a … [Read More...]

Black Petunias: Black Magic For Your Garden

    You know what they say about a little black dress. Every woman needs one in her closet.  But black flowers in your garden? Aren't black blooms usually dead blooms? Well, … [Read More...]

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